“The Hublot Manufacture has the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to make the future of watchmaking a reality today.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO

  • The Art of Fusion
The Manufacture

Hublot was born in 1980 with a new concept. It is the first Swiss luxury watch brand to fuse precious metals with functional rubber, revolutionizing material innovation and aesthetics.

The manufacture is a place where the watchmaking of the future is being built today. Hublot offers a new approach to watchmaking by fusing innovation and tradition, high technology and craft savoir-faire in a single manufacture. So much so, that the company manufactures the microcomponents of the movements and fine-tunes the innovative materials for the cases and the waits. Various trades come together under one roof and work in perfect synergy to create exceptional timepieces that constantly push the limits of technique and aesthetics.

Hublot Materials

Innovation is our DNA; passion, our engine. We move away from the established codes. We look for alternative routes.

In manufacturing, materials are an essential element of watch design. They must blend with your design, while protecting your mechanism and resisting the adversities of time. The Hublot manufacture was a pioneer in creating and patenting “Magic Gold”, a unique gold in the world. The first scratch resistant 18 karat gold. In addition, the use of ceramic in its watches is very common, a high-tech material in a range of exclusive colors. It should be noted that ceramic is an ultra-hard and practically scratch-resistant material (except for diamond) based on zirconium sintered at very high temperatures.

In its search for the perfect fusion between movement and case, Hublot has researched and developed a transparent material that reveals the heart of the watch, while its solidity effectively protects the mechanism. In this way, the manufacture has become an expert in synthetic sapphire. From this material, Hublot has obtained unique aesthetic effects in watchmaking, which has allowed it to transform each watch into a work of art.

Hublot revolutionizes watchmaking by combining an 18-carat gold case with a rubber strap for the first time in 1980, creating a new breed of watch. This bold combination constitutes the first expression of the “Art of Fusion”, which would become the hallmark of the manufacture. Since then, rubber has established itself as one of Hublot’s star materials and one of the emblems of its contemporary approach to watchmaking.

Hublot Movements

We look for movements that are uncompromising when it comes to precision, but well ahead of their time. The Art of Fusion is expressed even in the heart of the movement. Simple watches with revolutionary watchmaking concepts: Hublot has created a whole range of unique in-house movements. The unprecedented architecture of the Unico automatic chronograph. The exclusive power reserve of the Meca-10, Tourbillon and MP-11 calibres. The revolutionary approach of the MP-05 11-barrel engine, endowed with 50 days of autonomy. In its “Art of Fusion”, Hublot carries out a perfect symbiosis between functionality, architecture and design.

“Hublot’s strength lies in its clear identity – the art of fusion – the unique ability to create watches that blend tradition and innovation.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO



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