The start of a long tradition…

In 1839, Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek founded a company under the name of Patek, Czapek & Cie. Later, in 1844, Adrien Philippe replaced Czapek in the company, changing its name to Patek & Cie. It is in the year 1845, when the definitive name of Patek Philippe & Cie is taken, the legendary name by which the Geneva firm has been known ever since. It is precisely this year, 1845, when the Solans family began their professional adventure in the world of watchmaking, adjusting and repairing the large mechanical timepieces of Catalan churches, town halls and railway stations.

Patek Philippe & the Pons Solans Family

It was in 1960 when Antoni Pons Sole and Pepita Solans began talks with Patek Philippe, which led to exclusive distribution of the brand for the Andorran market. Since then, the Stern generations at the controls of this prestigious firm have followed one another, as have the generations of the Solans-Pons family leading the Andorran Haute Horlogerie market.

Dates, data and figures are important to objectively capture the relationship between these two prestigious companies. But so are the personal relationships, both between the two families and with the clients. This special empathy between distributors and their customers is reproduced all over the globe. This is the origin of anecdotes that reflect what their watches represent, far transcending the value of a mere object, even if it is precious.

It is important to highlight the story of a client who decided to purchase two rattrapante chronographs to give to each of his two children. As a fan and connoisseur of Patek Philippe, he was aware of the difficulty of the acquisition and that the waiting time would be very long. But, his inalienable objective was to be able to deliver these chronographs to his children before they turned 18 years old. He got it, although for it he had to wait no less than 8 years!

This special attention to the family values that guide the entire Patek Philippe environment is once again demonstrated when two brothers, passionate about Patek Philippe and loyal customers of Pons1845, decide to purchase two identical units of the Celestial, one of the greatest Grande Complications that have forged the legend of the Geneva firm.

David Pons and Antoni Pons, watchmaker and gemologist respectively, the latest generation of the Solans-Pons family at the controls of Pons1845, remember many of these very special and significant events that always surround Patek Philippe watches. Two of them are enough to understand the meaning and values inherent in Genevan manufacturing.

Bern & Patek Philippe

The relationship between Patek Philippe and its distributors must be and is necessarily special. Only the long half century of history of the relationship between Bern and Patek Philippe already show that it is something special, but behind the time there is much more.

Even though Andorra and Switzerland are very different countries and areas, the history of these famous firms has many amazing points in common. Both have a long history that exceeds 150 years. Only six years separate their foundation dates, but this insignificant time difference hides a coincidence that can be considered premonitory.

During all this time, society, the economy, culture and technology have not stopped evolving. Patek Philippe has also done it in Andorra under the command of Pons1845. What was once a custom showcase for the brand has now become an impressive and exclusive 50 square meter space dedicated to the legendary Genevan brand. Evolution does not stop and takes the next step in February 2020, when the Patek Philippe space in Bern grows to 60 square meters and moves to the new and brand new building that the Andorran firm has acquired.

Family, a centuries-old history, succeeding generations, passion for watchmaking… these are the factors and values that Berna and Patek Philippe share. It seems that the year 1845 was a premonitory that the relationship would bear fruit… time has shown it to be so.

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